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Hello! Python
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HIGHLIGHT A fast-paced, hands-on tutorial that both teaches and entertains beginners as they learn Python 3 while building several complete applications. DESCRIPTION Python 3 is an open-source programming language that can be used to develop any application imaginable-business, games, web, and more. We think it should be just as much fun to learn Python as it is to use it. And we know that fun learning gets better results. Hello! Python is a fast-paced, entertaining introduction to Python, for readers new to Python and programming. In this book, User Friendly cartoon characters offer commentary and snide side comments, as the book moves quickly from 'hello world' into practical techniques. Each one is illustrated with a hands-on example. Along the way, readers will learn to build several simple Python applications including a multi-user adventure game and an MP3 player. KEY POINTS . Demonstrates complete applications over the course of the book . Entertaining style with User Friendly graphics . Emphasizes Python's large standard library of tools and code to give programmers a head start on larger programs

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